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What happens in a healing room?

You will be welcomed to the healing room by a member of our team.    This person will ask you to complete a sign up form providing some details about you.  This sheet is for our information only and is strictly confidential.   Your privacy is of the utmost important to us and no records are kept without your express permission and nothing that you share during the prayer session will be discussed outside of the prayer room.

You will be prayed for on a first come first prayed for basis.  You are welcome to bring a chaperon with you, if you would like.

We have wonderful prayer teams who will have already prayed for you before you enter the prayer room.  Typically you will be in a room where three people will pray for you, in the name of Jesus and according to the direction of the Holy Spirit. We want you to feel completely comfortable, so you are welcome to close your eyes or keep them open.

We are not counsellors so we will not offer counselling to you.

When your prayer time is finished, you may be offered some scriptures on how to receive and keep your healing.

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