What people say

We were asked for a prayer cloth for a lady suffering from Leukaemia.  Over the following weeks we sent several more because she kept losing them.  Recently we heard that the doctors were surprised, there was no sign of leukaemia in her body!


"The Havering Healing Rooms really helped me come to terms with my heartache and pain that I had held on to for so long. I came to realise God's love in my heart."

A member of our Healing Rooms team was admitted into hospital abroad in October 2018 with several bowel problems.  She had surgery which proved difficult because of previous operations. She was still very ill and weak when she was flown straight to her local hospital in the UK, accompanied by a doctor.  The team regularly prayed for her and sent prayer cloths.   Whilst in hospital she suffered several infections including pneumonia, but praise God she was allowed home on 14 January 2019 after the doctors said they could not understand how her bowel had knitted together so well, they had not expected such a healing.