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Havering Healing Rooms origins

The vision for Havering Healing Rooms was birthed out of a word that there would be Healing Rooms in every town.

At this time several members were already ministering in the Healing Rooms at Leyton and shared the vision to open Healing Rooms in Havering, which would  be formed by different churches across the Borough. 

In March 2011, 72 people attended an introductory day and subsequently 32 people decided to do the extended 6 week training with a view to joining the Healing Rooms.

Havering Healing Rooms was officially registered with Healing Rooms England and Wales in September 2011.

We currently have a team of 42 including representatives of 12 churches across the Borough.

The Healing Rooms ministry extended from Havering to Basildon and we continue to have strong links with Leyton and Basildon Healing Rooms.

In 2015, the vision extended with the opening of Healing Rooms @ Costa in Hornchurch, followed by Upminister in 2017, with plans for others across Havering as God directs.

History of Healing Rooms

John G. Lake

If there was ever a man who walked in the revelation of "God in man," it was John G. Lake.  A man of purpose, vision, strength and character, his one goal in life was to bring the fullness of God to every person. He often said that the secret of Heaven's power was not in the doing, but in the being. He believed that Spirit-filled Christians should enjoy the same type of ministry Jesus did while living on earth, and that this reality could only be accomplished by seeing themselves as God saw them. 

Born in Canada in 1870, his family soon relocated to the United States, where he grew up.  His healing and preaching ministry spanned the years 1898 until his death in 1935. 

John G. Lake was known as God's "Apostle to Africa". In 1908, God sent him to Africa, where his anointed miracle ministry resulted in what has been described as "the most extensive and powerful missionary movement in all Africa."

Upon his return to America, Lake established a ministry in Spokane, Washington which resulted in no less than 100,000 astounding miracles of healing within the space of five or six years.

He was responsible for raising over 1,000,000 converts, 625 churches and 1,250 preachers in five years of ministry.  He had such an incredible healing ministry, that according to statistics, the U.S. Government declared his city, Spokane, Washington, to be the healthiest city in America.

Cal Pierce


In June, 1996 during a service where God moved powerfully, Cal Pierce, a Real Estate Developer from northern California, was changed by the power of God,  He felt God draw him and his wife, Michelle, north to Spokane, Washington in November 1997. 

"We sold everything, packed up our furniture and moved to Spokane having never been there before. We were not sure exactly what God wanted us to do, so we continued to seek his direction for ministry."

Having studied the revivals, Cal had read about John G. Lake's ministry in Spokane. Cal visited Lake's grave site once each month for over one year to pray.

"On February 28, 1999 I started a 40 day fast. I went to Lake's grave site to pray when I heard God say, 'There is a time to pray, and a time to move.' There was no doubt that God wanted us to re-dig the generational wells of healing in Spokane." 

Cal called in intercessors and began training up healing teams. 


On July 22, 1999 the Spokane Healing Rooms of John G. Lake were re-opened in the same location as they were 80 years ago.   

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